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Packing Paper Production Line

        The company always devotes production lines with high cost performance for users in the packing paper industry, and helps users to seize the opportunities in the severe market competition. In two decades of development in the packing paper industry, the company has continuously optimized the design and production technology of the production lines, and constantly makes new records on energy consumption of each tonnage of paper while pursuing high quality. Its packing paper production line mainly includes the following types of paper:-Corrugated Base Paper-Cardboard Paper-Coated White Board (White Card)-Plaster Board Cladding Base Paper. The paper machine’s largest manufacturing speed can reach 1,200m/min, and the width of the manufactured paper is 8m to the largest extent.

Cultural Paper Production Line

Embracing the philosophy of “Grow with Customers”, the company has successively delivered over near 60 cultural paper production lines for customers in recent decade. Over the years, the company has developed a broad-width cultural paper production line at manufacturing speed of 1,000m/min or above by combining the overseas advanced technology. The cultural paper production line mainly covers the following types of paper: - Paper for Writing and Printing – Carbon-free Copy Base Paper – Light Weight Coated Paper- Offset Paper. The paper machine’s manufacturing speed is as high as 1,200m/min, and the widest manufactured paper is 6m. 

Specialty Paper Production Line

As the specialty paper machine supplier with the richest experience in China, the company always adheres to the production philosophy of “Paper Machine Serves Technology”. Its specialty paper production line mainly covers the following types of paper: - Decorative Base Paper- Filter Paper- Stainless Steel Interleaving Paper- Copy Paper. The paper machine has the largest speed at 1,000m/min, and the widest manufactured paper is 6m.

Tissue Paper Production Line

The company developed the high-speed tissue paper machine with international leading level by combining alloy Yankee drying cylinder with high heat conduction efficiency independently developed and produced, on the basis of introducing and absorbing the overseas advanced technology. Its tissue paper production line mainly comprises the following types of paper: - High-grade Tissue Paper – Paper Towel. The paper machine has the largest manufacturing speed at 1,600m/min, and the widest manufactured paper is 4.2m.

Key Parts

Key Parts (Head Box, Top Mesh Shaper, Film Transfer Sizing Pres, Wireless Paper Injection System, Calender, Drying Cylinder, Yankee Drying Cylinder, Vacuum Roll, and the like)Besides the whole production line, the company also can provide high-quality key parts, mainly including – Head Box- Top Mesh Shaper- Film Transfer Sizing Press- Wireless Paper Injection System- Calender- Drying Cylinder- Yankee Drying Cylinder

Rebuilding of Paper Machine

Its design team proficient in rebuilding of paper machine can help users to pertinently rebuild the existing production lines, aiming to increase speed and productivity and change manufacturing paper variety.